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If you are interested in fulfilling your life goals through distinctive, responsible investing, you are in the right place. You will find not only carefully researched and well designed investment programs but also exceptional client service at Financial Security Advisors.


The three key words to understanding what we offer are: Distinctive. Responsible. Service.

What do we mean by using each of these words?

DISTINCTIVE. Investment strategies for building wealth and achieving financial freedom.
No aggressive investing. Cost controls to reduce client investment expense.
Thirty-two years of priority focused client support.

Let's take an initial look at each of these words.

DISTINCTIVE. The five investment strategies are:
  1. Necessity Focused Investing. An investment account diversified among industry areas with companies providing goods and services necessary to everyday living.
  2. Secure Freedom Flexible Fund. A multiply investment combination with great flexibility. Provides growth with a high degree of security from market losses.
  3. Faith Focused Investing. Invests in companies whose products and services are compatible with Christian values. Investments are consistent with faith commitments.

Click on each title to read a more complete description of each strategy. You will quickly see what we mean by "distinctive".



No aggressive investing. Simply stated, aggressive investing is gambling. It is betting you have a better system, better research, better decision making than other investors. It is like taking someone who recently received a driver's license, putting them in a NASCAR race and expecting them to win. With the speed at which investing takes place one wrong move can send you crashing, doing significant harm to yourself and your reason for having a license to drive.

Cost controls to reduce investment expense. Investing costs money. Buying some mutual funds means paying a commission of 1% to 4%. It may seem to be a no-brainer decision but it is not that simple. A 4% commission cost may be a one-time expense. The 1% commission may be for every year you own the fund. In addition, even mutual funds that charge no initial commission, have to pay the fund managers. The average annual cost to investors is around 1% to 1.5%. If your mutual fund is in a managed account, also using other funds, the investment advisor may charge a additional 1% to 3% fee.

A similar situation exists when using individual stocks and bonds. There are a variety of brokerage and managed account fees to consider.

Then there is the need to equate commissions and fees with investment performance. An investor paying a higher cost may net a better return because of better performance by the investment.

We take all these factors into consideration in discussions with our clients.



Priority focused client support. Financial Security Advisors, Inc. was incorporated as a registered investment advisor more than 32 years ago. We have shepherded client accounts safely through significant down markets, such as 1987, 2000-2002, and 2007-2009. Our clients have had the enjoyment of very good market gains in the 1990's and other recent years.

We maintain contact with clients through telephone service, 800-396-0404 and local office 479-925-2939. When out of the office, calls are automatically forwarded to my - Morris Vickers - cell phone. Business emails are received at Client emails sent to (for clients and pre-clients only) come directly to me. We also have a fax phone number, 479-899-6012. Our mailing address is a secure P.O. Box 909, Rogers, AR. 72757.

Clients receive general information and personal emails from FSA. They also receive monthly or quarterly account statements directly from the custodian of their account. Personal visits to client homes are made at least annually.

One example of priority service. Recently a client emailed me with the need to receive a distribution from his account ASAP in order to meet a deadline. My cell phone buzzed indicating an email from It was about 7:00PM. I immediately read the email, booted up the computer, went online to the trust company holding his account, viewed his cash balance, pulled up a distribution form, completed the information needed and emailed the form to him for his signature. I also gave him instructions about either faxing the form or emailing it to the trust company for processing. This was not a time to wait until tomorrow morning during business hours to learn of the need and respond.

This is only one example of the many situations to which we have responded during the past thirty-two years.

There you have it. Now you know the three words important in understanding who we are and how we function. Distinctive. Responsible. Service.

I hope this is enough to encourage you to read more about our investment strategies and contact us.


Dr. Morris E. Vickers, President
5108 Bent Tree Drive.
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